Humboldt Forum

View from south-west Humboldt Forum, December 2019

What is the Humboldt Forum?

The Humboldt Forum opens in phases beginning in September 2020 as a unique place of experience, learning and encounter in the heart of Berlin. Discover the world and immerse yourself in the exhibits, marvel at the remarkable fusion of Baroque and contemporary architecture, visit restaurants and cafes, gaze out from the rooftop terrace over the panorama that stretches to the Brandenburg Gate, find inspiration in concerts, readings and discussions, and dive into Berlin’s multifaceted present and past.

East- and North facade, August 2018. Photo: © SHF / Stephan Falk

Baroque and contemporary architecture

From the eighteenth century onward, the Berlin Palace designed by architect and sculptor Andreas Schlüter was regarded as one of the most important secular Baroque buildings north of the Alps. In its reinvention by Italian architect Franco Stella this historical beauty has been elegantly fused with the present – in its design, technology and wider role within the city. The reconstruction of the historical facades for the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace is a masterly achievement by the sculptors and craftsmen working in the specially created Palace Workshop.