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Endowments and legacies

Your long-term commitment in the form of an endowment or legacy in a will ensures that we can continue our work in the future, too.

The foundation is not only an independent, non-profit institution – as the owner it is also responsible for the cultural programme and technical maintenance of the Humboldt Forum building.


An endowment to the Berlin Palace means you will be giving long-term support to the work of our foundation, for endowments go into the foundation’s capital reserves and remain undiminished. It is the yield from this capital reserve – in the form of interest, for example –that is used to support the work of the foundation. German taxpayers can deduct a maximum of one million euros in endowments from their taxes over a period of ten years.

We would be happy to discuss in person any other questions you may have regarding endowments.


Would you like to help support the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace even after your death, thereby making an enduring contribution to the long-term development of the Humboldt Forum? As a non-profit foundation under German civil law, the Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss can find individually tailored solutions. Feel free to get in touch so we can work together to best realise your request. We can assure you that we will execute your last will and testament with due care so that your assets are used entirely according to your wishes.

German tax law states that non-profit organizations are exempt from inheritance tax (§ 13 (1) 16 b, German Inheritance and Gift Tax Act), meaning that 100 percent of your contribution will be used for the foundation’s purposes.


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