Humboldt Forum

Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss

The Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss, established by the German Federal Government in 2009 in accordance with a resolution issued by the German Federal Parliament, is the construction client, owner and future operator of the Humboldt Forum. It coordinates the actors’ interests and, in conjunction with the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, oversees all architectural and engineering planning as well as the construction process itself.

Representatives from the Federal Parliament, the Federal Government, the State of Berlin and the participating actors sit on the foundation’s Executive Board. The foundation and its board members Hartmut Dorgerloh (general director), Johannes Wien (finances/fundraising) and Hans-Dieter Hegner (construction) are responsible for budget and scheduling compliance, and to date they have been highly successful in meeting these goals: project costs are in line with projections and the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace will open in late 2020.

The foundation also promotes the idea of the Humboldt Forum to the public and collects donations for the reconstruction of the palace’s Baroque facades. To achieve these goals, the foundation is working together closely with the Förderverein Berliner Schloss e.V.

Towards the building's completion the Foundation is preparing the cultural activities of the Humboldt Forum and curates an international programme of exhibitions and a wide range of cross-genre events on the themes of the Humboldt Forum, both independently and jointly with the partners in the Humbodt Forum as well as with external partners. From 2016 to 2018, the Foundation had commissioned a subsidiary, the Humboldt Forum Kultur GmbH, with the task of establishing the cultural activities of the Humboldt Forum. On 1 January 2019, the Kultur GmbH's staff transferred to the Foundation.

Presenting all facets of the site’s turbulent history — extending from the Middle Ages to the present day — is one of the foundation’s core responsibilities. Since early 2014, curators have been developing a permanent exhibition with the working title “Berlin’s Historic Mitte—Identity and Reconstruction”. The exhibition will be arranged decentrally, occupying three sections and 1,500 square metres of the Humboldt Forum’s east, south and west wings. In addition, the diverse historical aspects will be highlighted by means of object “falshbacks” throughout the entire building.


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